Rehabilitation Psychologist


We all experience difficult events and losses at some point in our lives. Sometimes these events are life altering, and threaten to overwhelm us by their sheer enormity. Sometimes a series of small events accumulate over time until they reach a breaking point. At such times, an objective professional perspective can shed new light on such events and illuminate additional ways of coping that are not evident while you are struggling just to hang on and stay safe.

Together we will strive to create the emotional and psychological health necessary to living a rewarding and successful life despite life's inevitable setbacks. We will do this by targeting thought, behavioural or emotional patterns, and by identifying often small modifications to produce large longer term results.

You will drive the pace, focus and content of the process. Dr MacLean will guide the goal oriented sessions, and offer evidence-based interventions based on sound professional judgment.

You will enjoy a gentle but goal oriented process that will help you come to know yourself more deeply. You may recognize strengths and talents that you may have forgotten, or never realized you had in the first place.